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Deal: Offer
Dated: 01.03.2019
Quantity: 200
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The SELLER are ready to offer and are looking for Buyer which ready to buy commodity.
Quality of SKIMMED MILK POWDER, Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Colour: white to slight yellow
Flavour and Odor: characteristic
Scorched particles Disk MAX: B/C
Fat, % MAX: 1,25
Moisture, % MAX: 4.0
Solubility index cm3 0,15
Acidity, MAX: 0,17
Protein dry basis MIN: 16-30
Bacteriological characteristics
Total plate count/gr. MAX: 50 000
Yeast & Moulds/gr. MAX: 100
Salmonelles/25gr.: Negative
E. coli/gr.: Negative
PACKAGING: Multi-ply paper bags with polyethylene liner, 25 kg net weight.

Shipment CPT by wagons to ports, DDU Truck or CFR Containers.

CFR Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
1. Full set 3/3 Shipped on board B/L;
2. Signed Commercial Invoice.
3. Certificate of quality and quantity;
4. Certificate of Origin;
5. Health Certificate;
6. Phytosanitary Certificate.
7. Signed Packing list;

Quality of goods final at loading port as per Certificate of Quantity issued by inspection company appointed and paid by Seller.

Payment: negotiable

In case you are looking for an indication to a different destination, packing, quality please do not hesitate to enquire accordingly along with your request for any additional information considering the above offer or any other product you might be interested in.

Contact: Mr. Sergey
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1, Kanatna str., 65001, Odessa, Ukraine

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Located in: Milk
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