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Gafta contract of selling commodity barley in bulk. Incoterms  COST AND FREIGHT FREE OUT  (CFR - FO) Contract could be present for you based on specific condition of your commodity and terms. Seller Represented by Director, acting in accordance with the Articles of Association, on the one part, and Buyer, Represented by director, acting on the basis of the Articles of Association on the other hand, have concluded the present Contract as follows. The SELLER undertakes to supply to BUYER, and the BUYER undertakes to accept commodity barley in bulk and to pay. Broker.

Commodity: Black Sea origin Feed Barley in bulk. Quality: Test weight min. 62/63 Kg/hl, GAFTA; Moisture max. 14,5 %; Admixture max. 2,0 %; Barley of sound, loyal and merchantable quality. Goods to be free from alive weevils or other insects injurious and disease to stored grain, free from foul smell and infestation and foreign smell and materials. Minimum 5 % of the total quantity of barley shipped to be coloured with food red Azorubine / Carmosine colour index number 14720. All other specification details as per relevant official standard for grain as applicable for the respective origin as specified above. Quality and condition final at loading.