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IP (FOP) Pashchenko is a broker and provides services for the sale / purchase of agricultural products.
The basis for the provision of services is:
1. Principal and Performer avilable (cooperation agreement signed) Information about the company (director, address, contact details for checking the reputation in the market)
2. Inquiry/ order for the performance of work is provided (purchase, sale of goods, consultations)
   - Name of product
   - sell / buy goods, packaging, quality
   - quantity
   - delivery period
   - target price at the destination (Incoterms 2010)
   - Terms of payment (if the letter of credit needs to know the bank details in order to find out the business opportunities)
3. market conditions and mutual understanding in work: send and receive information on negotiations, agreements, conclusion, execution and further resolution of issues with the Buyer or Seller, provided by the Contractor only through the Contractor.

Trade Lots (Commodity, Quality, Prices and ect., ) subject to change without notice and valid for limited time or until stock/demand lasts or fixed by contract.