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Contract for service: Place:  Dated:
Principal: JV ,  Represented by Mr.__, Director, acting in accordance with Statute, on the one part, and
Executor: Mr. ___, acting on the basis of Certificate on the other hand, have concluded the present Contract as follows:

1.    Under the present contract the Executor takes up obligations about rendering services on research market opportunities and a finding of the general opinion, as well as consultation in area of commercial activity of the enterprise of the Customer, and the Customer undertakes to give applications for performance of services and to pay the executed services.
2.    The adopted Norm regulating performance of the contract.
2.1    Both parties know, using and accepted as part of the contact international documents for conclusion of the Trading Contract such as: GAFTA contacts, FOSFA contracts, Incoterms 2010, ICC rules, UCP600, UNO rules, Offer (O), Full Corporate Offer (FCO), Letter of Intent (LOI), Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL), Code of Practice and obligations of parties and so on.