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Contract could be present for you based on specific condition of your commodity and terms. Gafta contract of selling peas in bulk by vessel. Incoterms  cost and freight free out  (cfr - fo). We have the pleasure to confirm the following business done 01 june. Seller, buyers, broker. The SELLER undertakes to supply to BUYER, and the BUYER undertakes to accept commodity and to pay.
Goods: yellow/green feed peas, crop, origin.
moisture 14 pct max. Gafta
admixture 2 pct max
goods  to be sound, loyal, merchantable, free from alive insect and foreign smell
Quantity: 5.000 (five thousand) metric tons 10 pct more or lessa at seller’s option and at contract price. Cargo part/cargo at seler’s option bulk carrier single decker vessel only. weight: certified by a first class superintendet company of first class at loading and final at discharge wiht a tollerance/ franchise of 0,50 pct  in favour of sellers. Any exceedng loss in wheight over 0,50 pct will be refounded to buyers  from sellers against invoice.
Quality/ condition: quality and condition to be final at port of loading in as per first class  superintendet certificate at seller’s choice and expences. fumigation if needed at sellers cost. Buyers have the right to be present or represented at loading. packing in bulk.