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We can prepare contract for Peas with GAFTA 88 FLCs applied between Seller and Buyer via Broker based on own experience. The SELLER are ready for negotiation of contract via Broker to sell, supply and transfer commodities are looking for Buyer ready to buy, purchase and receive commodities.
Quality Yellow Peas. Moisture: max 14 pct; Foreign Matter: max 2 pct; Broken: max 5 pct; Damaged: max 5 pct; Other colour: max 3 pct; Sound, loyal and merchantable, free from alive weevils, foreign smell, with natural color and smell. Quantity and Quality of commodities final at place of stuffing into containers.
Shipments in 20 feet containers.
Payment for commodities to be made by the Buyer in US dollars 100% CAFD (Cash Against Fax Documents) against presentation the following documents to Buyer:
a) Signed  Commercial Invoice and
b) Full set of 3/3 original FREIGHT PREPAID shipped on board Bills of Lading and made to THE ORDER and BLANK ENDORSED.
c) Certificate of Origin;
d) Certificate of Quality and Quantity.  
e) Fumigation Certificate.
f) Phytosanitary Certificate.
g) Packing List.
Other terms, conditions and rules have to apply as per Incoterms 2010, GAFTA 88, GAFTA 125.