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Deal: Bid
Dated: 23.09.2020
Quantity: 100 mt
FCA Ukraine or CFR, DAP
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Full Description:

Buyer is ready to buy and looking for Seller ready to offer commodity.
Please advise quality.

Based on last shipment quality was:
Hulled sunflower seed kernels, code the UCC FEA 1206009100
Product name: Hulled sunflower kernels
Grade:     Bakery
Color: Gray to white
Flavor: Typical

Physical attributes:     
Purity: Min. 99.95 %
Broken kernels: Max. 6%
Moisture: Max. 8%
Semi shelled kernels: Max.0.3%  
X-ray sortered  Free from glass, wood, stones, metal
Damage and seed with untypical color 1.5 % max

Microbiological Analysis:     
Does the product include GMO: Negative
Pathogens: Negative
Salmonella in 25 g:    Negative
E.coli in 1 g: Negative
Pesticides: In conformity with national and EU rules
Aflatoxin: In conformity with national and EU rules
Heavy metals     
Cadmium     < 0,1mg/kg
Lead     < 0,1mg/kg
Recommended Storage Conditions:     
Temperature     15°C
Humidity     65% max

Product was packed in multi-wall paper bags of 25kg ±0.2 kg on wooden pallets.
Payment: CAFD
Each shipped Consignment of goods is to be accompanied by the set of the original documents as follows:
- B/L;
- Invoice.
- Certificate of quantity and quality;
- Certificate of Origin (EUR1);
- Health Certificate;
- Packing list;
Quality and Quantity of the goods are final at loading based on quality certificate issued by GAFTA/ FOSFA inspection company ordered and paid by seller.

Please send offer on CFR Basis by e-mail or contact form below

Contact: Sergey
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1, Kanatna str., 65001, Odessa, Ukraine

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Located in: Kernels
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